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Start enjoying your time in the yard

Of course, you want a beautiful lawn, but if you spend all your outdoor time mowing the grass, how much can you really enjoy it? There's a good reason you call it "yard work," you know.


Your job should be to relax in your lawn chair. Reclaim your weekend by letting Just Cuts Landscaping do all your dirty work.


• Regular lawn mowing

• Dethatching and raking

• Environment-friendly weed control

A perfect lawn is just a phone call away

If lawn cutting demanded only that you push a power mower ten minutes twice a week, you wouldn't mind it. But first, you have to pick up the sticks and the rocks, then you have to rake up the clippings. And that's assuming your mower even starts!


Because we are near Wilmington, there's an easier path to a beautiful yard. Just call Just Cuts Landscaping at 978-658-6049 to be added to our mowing route.

Dependable Lawn Maintenance  

Yards so lovely you'll want to pack a picnic every day