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Decorate your yard fast and affordably

There are few things more exciting than moving into a new home, but even brand new construction is not without its frustrations. The most noticeable area is your barren front yard.


Fortunately, Just Cuts Landscaping can offer a fast fix. We could help you plant trees, but they can take years to look like they belong. Bushes grow quickly and are inexpensive to plant. We use Bobcat to work with bushes.


Would you want to spend some time talking about shrubbery? Call us at 978-658-6049. We'll respond to your message, then show up on time for your appointment.

Decorative bushes in just half a day

Pick out the bushes you like and we'll take things from there. We'll bring them to your yard, dig out any old bushes, carefully plant new ones, and completely clean up in just a few hours. We can also deliver and install mulch to your exact requirements and that too with an eye for precision.


Just Cuts Landscaping uses machines that are just the right size

for your yard. They're powerful enough to get the job done, yet small enough to not damage your land. Contact us today for a

FREE estimate.

Careful Bush Removal And Installation

Plant bushes for privacy and to spruce up your home